Materials Preparation and Characterization
Synthesis of film and bulk of single crystal diamond, nano-crystal diamond, carbon nanotube (CNT) , graphene and other carbon materials (DLC,CN, BN, etc.), Carbon-based heterostructures,III-nitride/diamond, theoretical studies including simulations, micro-fabrication and etching, nano-materials characterizations, and surface properties
Electronic Properties and Device Applications
Electronic properties of doped and undoped materials, n-type dopants, electronic and dopant states, surface conduction, defects and impurities, field emission and thermionic emission, electronic devices of diamond, electronic properties and fabrication of nanoelectronic devices, flexible electronics and transparent coating of graphene and CNT, quantum effects and applications in diamond, spin electronics in graphene, active and passive devices, superconductivity.
Optical and Optoelectronic Properties, and Device Applications
Applications of diamond in X-ray synchrotrons, secondary electron emission, light-emitting diode, UV emission, photoconductivity and optical/optoelectronic devices, graphene for energy, plasmonics and optics.
Electrochemical and Biochemical Properties and Applications
Biochemical functionalization of carbon materials, biomedical applications of nanodiamond particles and films, diamond electrochemistry and electronics, chemical electrodes, sensors,biocompatibility.
Mechanical and Thermal Properties and Applications
Tribology and processing of diamond and other carbon based materials, coating(cutting tool, anti-wear etc.), adhesion, thermal transport, heat sinks, MEMS and NEMS

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