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Xi'an, In the heartland of China, capital of 13 ancient dynasties and deemed as one of the world’s birthplaces of civilization along with Athens, Cairo and Rome. Called Chang’an in olden days, it was a trading and military base in the sixth century and through time, has mystified traders and travellers who traversed the famous Silk Road.
Xian is internationally famous as home to China’s most revered ancient relics, foremost of which is the Terracotta Warriors, the 20th century’s most significant archaeological discovery. Considered a “natural museum” with its abundance of historical and cultural treasures Xian beckons tourists from all over the world - the Mausoleum of China’s First Emperor, the Bell Tower, the Banpo Village remains, the Forest of Stone Steles.
The city today remains as a vital trading and manufacturing hub in addition to it being a great source of tourism revenue. Xian is a major cotton grower and its fertile farmlands yield substantial produce. It excels in the fields of pharmaceuticals and civil engineering and boasts a number of major universities and art schools.

Xi'an Basic Facts:
Xian is the capital of Shaanxi province
Land area: 9,980 square kilometres
Located east of northwest China; southwest of Beijing
Population: 7 million
Climate in May: Temperature 25℃ on average, relative humidity 50%
Major industries: textile, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, civil engineering, steel, cement, fertilizer, electrical machinery
Food: famous for Shaanxi snacks; Cantonese and Sichuan cuisines can be found anywhere; famous for its Muslim Snack Street

NDNC2016 committee will provide convenience for all delegates to visit around. The recommended tourist routes are listed in Local Information session.You can ask two travel agencies for help on the spot. Note that all the travel expenses are not included in the registration fee.
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